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Underinsurance – a hidden risk, how to protect your business

11 June 2021

Inadequate or insufficient insurance cover may result in serious financial loss and can affect organisations of any size, and the pandemic has resulted in many businesses reviewing their cover in a more challenging environment. Read More...

Capital Gains Tax review – recommendations for UK property tax return

10 June 2021

The Office of Tax Simplification (OCT) has published the second report of their review of Capital Gains Tax (CGT) that sets out what could potentially be done by HMRC to raise awareness among taxpayers to help them meet their CGT 30-day reporting and paying obligations. Read More...

Flagship First Homes scheme launches

04 June 2021

Housing Minister, Robert Jenrick MP, announced today, 4 June 2021, a new First Homes scheme of discounted houses for local people and key workers in England with the first properties going onto the market in Bolsover, East Midlands, as part of the first phase of an early delivery project. Read More...

Gallagher’s Cyber Risk Management webinar series

Friday 21 May 2021

Specialist insurance broker and Propertymark Industry Supplier, Gallagher discuss their findings which show that businesses are experiencing an increase in cyber risks as a result of changes in the way of working.

The research was conducted to help understand the main concerns of business leaders due to COVID-19 and over half (54 per cent) of executives interviewed said their business had been subject to increased cyber-attacks as a result of COVID-19. As a result around a third (30 per cent) said that cyber-crime is now one of the biggest concerns.

Employees working from remote locations are also more likely to take risky actions that place data outside a company’s defences and control. For example:

  • An employee trying to print or share a sensitive file may send the file to his or her personal email address, exposing the data to loss.
  • An employee may transfer files to an insecure portable storage device, such as a USB stick, that is easily lost, misplaced, or forgotten.
  • An employee may transfer or share files through unapproved cloud-storage or file-sharing solutions, exposing the data to loss and discovery

However, the issue of ‘silent’ cyber exposure is also of concern as UK business leaders think traditional insurance covers them, when in reality a standard policy is unlikely to offer cyber cover. Under a fifth of businesses were found to have a standalone cyber insurance policy, with many business owners buying a policy without the advice of a broker, leaving them potentially unaware of the risks their business may be exposed to.

Business leaders may also feel their business is protected against cyber risk as they have invested in technology. 42 per cent of bosses have invested in out-of-the-box technology, however, unfortunately only a minority had taken specialist external advice, leaving many making business-critical decisions, potentially without the knowledge required.

Cyber Risk Management webinar series - The State of the Nation

Gallagher are hosting a series of Cyber Risk Management webinars that take a look at the many different methods used by cyber criminals, report on cyber risk trends and offer insightful and educational demonstrations involving real-time data on what organisations need to be aware of.

What agents can get from this webinar series;

  • Relevant information to better protect your business
  • Build your own understanding of cyber security from a technical standpoint
  • A look inside a hackers tool box. Know the tools being used and deepen your understanding of the threats

Watch the first two in the series on demand now and sign up for the upcoming webinars.

To discuss cyber exposure in more detail, contact our dedicated Gallagher team on 0800 288 4921 or email