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Underinsurance – a hidden risk, how to protect your business

11 June 2021

Inadequate or insufficient insurance cover may result in serious financial loss and can affect organisations of any size, and the pandemic has resulted in many businesses reviewing their cover in a more challenging environment. Read More...

Capital Gains Tax review – recommendations for UK property tax return

10 June 2021

The Office of Tax Simplification (OCT) has published the second report of their review of Capital Gains Tax (CGT) that sets out what could potentially be done by HMRC to raise awareness among taxpayers to help them meet their CGT 30-day reporting and paying obligations. Read More...

Flagship First Homes scheme launches

04 June 2021

Housing Minister, Robert Jenrick MP, announced today, 4 June 2021, a new First Homes scheme of discounted houses for local people and key workers in England with the first properties going onto the market in Bolsover, East Midlands, as part of the first phase of an early delivery project. Read More...

SDL Property Auctions puts people first in a high-tech business

02 June 2021

Andrew Parker, MD and Auctioneer at SDL Property Auctions, a Propertymark Industry Supplier, is a strong proponent of technical innovation, however, believes human relationships are just as, if not more, important than ever in the 21st Century. Read More...

Propertymark research adds to Lords debate on leasehold reform

27 May 2021

As the Leasehold Reform (Ground Rent) Bill makes its way through Parliament, Propertymark’s research was used to explain why the Bill is the first step in addressing the scandal and abuses that leaseholders have faced for years. Read More...

First Homes adds to UK Gov’s home ownership measures

Wednesday 26 May 2021

Minister of State for Housing, Christopher Pincher MP, has announced the UK Government’s ‘First Homes’ scheme as part of the UK Government’s commitment to supporting people to own their home.

From next month, new flats and houses in England built under the First Home scheme can be bought by first-time buyers for at least 30 per cent less than market value, and potentially up to 50 per cent off in some cases.

First Homes criteria

Eligibility will be managed at the discretion of the local authority, and the homes are for first-time buyers whose household income does not exceed £80,000 (£90,000 in Greater London).

The homes will be available at a discount decided by the local authority. After the discount has been applied, the first sale must be marketed at £250,000 or less (or £420,000 in Greater London).

Purchasers who can afford to buy one of the homes without a mortgage will not qualify for the support.

Primary residence and renting

First Homes are intended to be used as a person’s sole or primary residence but where necessary, and as long as the relevant local authority is notified, First Homes owners can rent out their home for a maximum period of two years.

Buying and selling First Homes

When sold, the discount exists in perpetuity, meaning the properties will enable a foot onto the ladder for multiple first-time buyers as the properties change hands.

What does this mean?

Properties bought under the scheme will have to be sold to first-time buyers who are also eligible for the help. As a result, the property will need to be sold with the same discount it was purchased. For instance, a property bought with 30 per cent off market value, will need to be sold for 30 per cent off what it is now worth.

Changes to planning policy

Under the plans, a minimum of 25 per cent of all affordable housing units secured through developer contributions should be First Homes as part of a new national threshold in England. Local plans and neighbourhood plans should take into account the new First Homes requirements from 28 June 2021.

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First Homes is a creative initiative and one that can really work because you are not just introducing more buyers, you are also giving them a home to buy. That is key because we have a very busy market right now, full of hungry buyers, and there is a danger that introducing more buyers without increasing supply could further push the supply and demand out of balance, meaning house prices would continue to rise.

It’s clear that the UK Government recognise the importance of homeownership, looking forward we want to see a further expansion of measures to support the market as a whole. Coupled with planning reforms to make building easier and create more homes, the UK Government should now look to incorporate initiatives to encourage and support older generations to downsize and release family homes.

Nathan Emerson

Nathan Emerson
Propertymark Interim CEO