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What does the UK's perfect home look like?

Thursday 25 January 2018

Two fifths of us dream of a custom-built house, but what would the nations ultimate home actually look like?

Well according to the latest survey results from GoCompare, it's an eco-minimalist detached home complete with three bedrooms and a modest, medium-sized garden - so not quite the Disney princess castle we've been dreaming of here at Propertymark!

As part of an online survey, GoCompare asked 2,005 randomly selected UK adults what they would want in their perfect pad. So where would the UK's ideal home be and what would it actually look like?


Location is everything when it comes to a forever home and a third of respondents (33 per cent) placed their ideal property in a village, with one in five (19 per cent) opting for a small town. And while most desire a slower pace of life, for Londoners, staying connected to city life was important with 70 per cent saying they’d need to live within commuting distance of a big city.

Interior design and style

Although a modern, simply designed sustainable home was favoured by more than a quarter of participants (28 per cent), a more traditional route was taken when picking interiors. Over half (52 per cent) selected either a traditional or a country house style for their interior, creating the perfect balance between grand design and lived-in comfort.


Along with a traditional interior design, a conventional layout is preferred with 55 per cent opting for communal rooms, such as the kitchen and living room, downstairs and bedrooms upstairs. Scottish homeowners were more open to breaking with tradition, with a third picking a mixture of rooms across both floors. Meanwhile, more than 14 per cent of Londoners pushed traditional boundaries even further, opting for communal rooms upstairs and bedrooms downstairs.


We’re all guilty of hoarding things we no longer need, so naturally storage was an important factor when designing the ideal home. When it came to selecting additional rooms, the three most sought-after spaces were a garage (46 per cent) a conservatory (40 per cent) and a utility room (36 per cent). The need for storage wasn’t just limited to the house however, nearly two thirds also selected the option for a shed in the garden.

Outdoor space

Overall, a fuss-free garden was favoured, with a quarter or participants opting for simplicity. Yorkshire and the Humber proved the biggest nature lovers with 27 per cent preferring a wildlife-friendly garden. This was closely followed by the North East with 24 per cent and Scotland with 23 per cent. Water features also proved to be popular additions, with a quarter craving a pond and 24 per cent splashing out on a hot tub.

Eco-friendly additions

Awareness of global warming and climate change seems to be taking effect, with the majority of participants choosing to include eco-friendly features in their ideal home. Solar panels proved the most popular with 59 per cent opting for them, with respondents from Wales (71 per cent), the South West (68 per cent) and the North West (63 per cent) most likely to use them. Half of respondents also said they’d include rainwater harvesting features, and 46 per cent would add eco-friendly lighting.

So how much is the house worth?

GoCompare spoke to Propertymark Protected agents CPS Homes and here’s what they had to say; “It’s all about location really and the demand for certain areas is what really influences prices. Factors which largely increase demand include school catchment areas, good transport links, the health service provisions available, employment opportunities as well as areas of natural beauty.”

Working with Marc Sawan, an architect from visual creation studio eye-kon, GoCompare have designed and built the UK’s ideal home, using CGI - you can take a virtual tour here.