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Ex-Housing Minister calls for higher Stamp Duty threshold

18 April 2019

Dominic Raab MP, announced a suite of recommendations to shake up the housing market, including changes to stamp duty in England and Northern Ireland. Read More...

Labour considers inflation for Bank of England

11 April 2019

Labour is proposing two methods of controlling house price rises should it win the next General Election with the ideas have provoking a furious response from some sectors of the estate agency industry. Read More...

Rise in stay-at-home sons and daughters

11 April 2019

Research from Civitas, Institute for the Study of Civil Society, shows a million more young adults in the UK are living with their parents than there were two decades ago. Read More...

Advice for lone workers

09 April 2019

HSE (Health and Safety Executive) have revised their Working Alone leaflet to provide guidance on the risks of lone working. Read More...



Skills to stand out in 2018

Tuesday 02 January 2018

There is no doubt that 2018 will be a challenging year for agents, and in such a saturated market, standing out from the competition can be tough.

With everything from essential compliance and major legislative changes likely obstacles in the year ahead, it's important to align your staff, resources and strategies and plan for another year of success.

So why not kick start the year by focusing on these five key skills:

Think smart

Smart technology is working its way into the property industry at a rapid pace. The introduction of interactive agent windows and virtual 3D online tours are fast becoming the norm, and with the property sector continually evolving, it is essential that you and your team are ahead of the game so as not to get left behind.

Now if you haven't heard of the term "PropTech", where have you been hiding? It's where the real estate industry meets technology - the manufacturing of information, transaction and management systems with the aim of improving the property experience. So whether it's property portals or mobile phone controlled smart home technology, you'd be wise to do your research to see what is out there and what buyers are looking for. 

With around 2.77 billion social media users worldwide, some form of social media presence is a must, whether that be a Facebook page, Twitter profile or an Instagram account. An online platform other than your website is key if you are looking to grow your business and it provides you with the opportunity to attract a previously untapped audience. Best of all, most social media accounts are free to set up and use – so what are you waiting for? 

Get to know your local community

Knowledge is power so getting to know your local area is an invaluable resource. Get involved in local schemes to raise your profile - a little work goes a long way and giving back to the community is a great cause.

Local community and charity events are a good starting point for this. Getting in touch with business networking groups such as BNI and 4 Networking can also be beneficial as they hold regular local meetings and have a huge online presence.

Customer service is key

Consistently being a cut above the rest will give your business the edge. Providing incomparable customer service will always make you stand out, and when there are multiple options available, potential customers are more likely to choose the business with the best, rather than the cheapest service.

Good communication is the sign of a first class agent and keeping your customer up-to-date with their property developments, even when there is nothing to report, is always better than silence. Anticipate your customers’ needs and respond proactively, this will help to minimise difficult enquiries and negative reviews. Often the smallest thing can make the biggest impact, so check out our top customer service tips and find out why returning customer calls is so important.

Encourage your staff

Inspiring and encouraging your team can make a remarkable difference. Take time to have a “ten at ten” or a “five at five” – a short break for the whole team to catch up and reflect on how their projects are going.

Invest in your team

Investment in your team’s training and development can be worth its weight in gold. Just some of the benefits that training will deliver are:

  • Enhanced efficiency with a cross transfer of knowledge and increased productivity.
  • Open communication and excellent customer service.
  • Loyal and committed staff who feel valued.
  • Creative and innovative team members who think out the box.

Education is a major factor in determining long term profitability for businesses of any size, and often what sets the best agencies apart is their knowledge and expertise.

Designed to provide you with the essential tools you need to prepare you for the next 12 months, NAEA Propertymark are hosting a number of events - from our informative Masterclasses to our exceptional National Conference. Our calendar is jam-packed with events that will provide you and your team with key tips on how to improve efficiency, insider industry knowledge and ideas on how you can make your business differentiate yourself from your competitors.

So, be extraordinary in 2018, book your place at at one of our events today.