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Government extends support to stop business evictions in 2020

17 September 2020

Robert Jenrick, Secretary of State for Housing, announced yesterday, 16 September, that all commercial tenants will be protected from the risk of eviction until the end of this year. Read More...

High Court rules in favour of agents over Business Interruption Insurance

15 September 2020

Thousands of companies disputing their insurers' interpretations of liability under Business Interruption Insurance welcome the court ruling today, 15 September, where it found in favour of the arguments advanced for policyholders on the majority of issues brought by the Financial Complaints Authority (FCA) test case. Read More...

Building Safety Fund in England is open for applications

Wednesday 12 August 2020

The Building Safety Fund (BSF) opened for applications on 31 July, following the announcement in March of a new £1bn Non-ACM Cladding Systems Remediation Fund.

In the private sector, where eligible, the BSF will meet the capital costs of removing and replacing unsafe non-ACM cladding systems on high rise residential buildings that would otherwise be passed on to leaseholders. 

The Government will work with buildings registered with the program, and directly with the building owners to complete any technical assessments necessary to determine eligibility.

In the private sector, registration is open to freeholders, building owners, or otherwise responsible entities. Most importantly, it is open to applications from buildings within which the leaseholders would otherwise be obliged to pay for the cost of remediation through their service charge.

Residents should not submit a registration to the fund. Leaseholders who know or are concerned that their building might have unsafe cladding should contact their building owner or manager to ask them to confirm what action they are taking.

All leaseholders and leaseholder group representatives are encouraged to contact their building owners to make sure they are aware of the available guidance.

Leaseholders can report any building owners who were not taking action or intended to charge leaseholders for the remediation of a property’s cladding.

Fund application guidance