Meeting the Housing Challenge: Building a consensus for action

Housing can have a large influence on people's social and economic well being. So it is a key part of how we are tackling poverty and inequalities.

We are committed to ensuring everyone has access to a decent home. But there are some big challenges facing us and they are not easy to solve:

  • There are not enough homes because our population is increasing, people are living longer, and more people are choosing to live alone;
  • Many homes need improvement, particularly those rented from private landlords and some older;
  • Ensuring people get the services they need to find and keep their home, particularly those in very difficult personal circumstances or crisis situations at home;and
  • The impact that the rising cost of living and benefits changes are having on some people are cause for concern.

Public money is in short supply, which means we have to make difficult decisions about how to spend it. We welcome your views on the issues raised in this document and anything else relevant to meeting people's housing needs.

The document sets out the challenges that face us, including:

  • System stewardship - the Welsh Government role;
  • Affordability;
  • Housing supply;
  • Quality;
  • Preventing homelessness and helping vulnerable people;
  • Improving public services and standards; and
  • Realising the benefits of housing investment.

The comments received will help us in the early stages of work towards the Housing Bill.