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Repair reporting software

Used in over 400,000 homes across the world, Fixflo is the market-leading and market-standard repair reporting software for managed residential properties. Fixflo also won the 2016 Sunday Times Gold Award for best supplier to the lettings industry.

Fixflo’s online, picture-based system allows tenants to easily and accurately report repairs in over 40 languages. Those reports can then be translated into English in seconds if required. The system also helps tenants to accurately identify their problem and provides information to help them resolve it by themselves in certain situations. There are specific versions of the system for different sectors of the industry: Fixflo Lettings, Fixflo Block and Fixflo Commercial.

The best way to manage repairs and maintenance

Property managers can enjoy complete visibility over their entire portfolio, enabling them to both react to unexpected repairs and proactively plan the maintenance tasks that need to be repeated on a regular basis, such as gas safety checks. Additionally, all versions of the system time-stamp communications between agents, tenants and contractors, and retain records so there is always an audit trail available if required.

Free text message credits for every NAEA Propertymark member that uses Fixflo (one per managed property) and an extended free trial for those that don’t.

Tenancy builder

Propertymark members can also enjoy exclusive access to the tenancy builder feature offered within Fixflo’s Letflo product, which allows them to create flexible tenancy agreements, in addition to easily being able to compile the documents needed to serve a Section 21 notice at the end of a tenancy.



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