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NAEA Propertymark National Conference

The UK's biggest and most reputable estate agents' conference

Over 450 agents joined us on 27 February 2020 for our latest National Conference. Attendees were all keen to learn, adapt and get ready for the changes facing the property industry.

Keep reading to learn about the key takeaways and what the delegates feedback.

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What did delegates think?

'I thought this was the best conference I have been to and I have been coming for years'

Amy Reynolds

'Absolutely awesome conference this year, fantastic speakers and a highly informative event...'

Mary-Louise Press

Key takeaways


Paul McGee

Adapt and change

Mark Hayward led a call of embracing technology to enhance your business. Though you need to be careful not to remove the human element as offering a high standard of service is how you can stand out from your competitor.

Two of our keynote speakers, Paul McGee and Linda Moir also focused on the people within your business and how giving people the freedom to express themselves can reap benefits for your business.

Matt Prior

Reservation agreements

A standardised reservation agreement is being worked on by the government to be used in any transaction. This was the message from Matt Prior from the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG). This will be used to help reduce failed sales by getting buy-in from both parties at an earlier stage.

When the agreements are ready they will then be used in a smaller pilot scheme to make sure they work in the real world before being made standard.

Paul McGee

Referral Fees

Matt and James Munro from Trading Standards discussed the need to be totally transparent with your referral fees especially as the guidance is due to be reviewed soon as it has been a year since it was first released.

James also outlined the need for all Material Information to be gleaned from vendors to help you comply with Consumer Protection Regulations and that they are working with portals to make sure they have a role in getting this information out to vendors too.


Appetite for social media

There was a huge appetite to learn from keynote speaker, Teresa Heath-Wareing, social media, and marketing strategist, who gave numerous tips to succeed with social media. The key to success is knowing your audience, keeping it simple but ‘entertain’ your audience too. People are the brand and consumers buy off people, show you are human.

'It takes time and effort – the day you plant the seed is not the day you eat the fruit


Sales Protocol Toolkit

At the 2020 conference, we launched a new toolkit, designed to support agents to comply with Consumer Protection Regulations, speed up transactions and reduce fall-through rates. 

Practising agents working across different markets have been involved in trialling parts of the toolkit and have reported reductions in transaction times down to seven weeks in some cases.

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