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Ms Liana Loporto

Representative: Ms Liana Loporto
Company: LRSL Limited
Branch: London Residential

  • Central London TBC - Thursday 26th November 2020 12:00 - 15:00
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Liana Loporto-Browne

Liana Loporto-Browne
NAEA Propertymark Regional Exec

November 2019

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Regional round-up

'The property market over the summer has continued to be principally sound; yet the existing political macroclimate means that the critical element of consumer confidence has been reduced and that is triggering some potential buyers and house sellers to falter slightly and hang fire making any firm decisions.

'Buyers have a lot going in their favour, aside from the perceived political uncertainty. There are currently record low interest rates at 0.75 per cent, low unemployment rates of 3.8 per cent, and decent mortgage availability, even for those with low deposits - there were 224 mortgage deals available on the day of writing this article where only a five per cent deposit was required and five mainstream lenders that would offer 100 per cent no deposit mortgages.

'Interestingly, Rightmove have stated there are more properties for sale today in the country, than at any time since 2016. Even with that in mind, property values have remained reasonably stable as The Land Registry has released its House Price Index and it makes for a very interesting read.

'Considering the uncertainty the country has been through in the last three years, I don’t think that’s too bad and shows the underlying resilience of the London property market. Now looking towards the end of the year, how will house values change under the new Prime Minister?

'That means those selling their homes need to be realistic with their pricing, and, as most sellers also buy a property, what you might lose on your sale you will make up on the purchase.

'BoJo and Brexit to be honest are all short term distractions from the long-term issues of the UK property market. Until we start building at least 300,000 properties a year to meet the demand for UK property, demand will always outstrip supply, meaning irrespective of short term fluctuations that may (or may not) be caused by domestic and world events (including the ‘B’ word’), prices will always in the medium to long term remain stable and increase.

'I am delighted to introduce myself as your new Regional Executive and look forward to meeting as many of you as possible over the next few months.'


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