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Propertymark launched in February 2017. We created Propertymark because of a truth acknowledged by both members and ourselves; that membership needs greater relevance to consumers and in doing so will offer better value to members.

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What does Propertymark Protected mean?

Can you describe what Propertymark Protected means to your consumers? Agents who offer Propertymark Protection have Client Money Protection (if they handle client money), professional indemnity insurance and belong to an independent redress scheme. This makes for a powerful, important message that will also help you to win more business.

Propertymark promotes the highest standards in residential sales, therefore only NAEA Propertymark members who meet our qualification/experience requirements and also work for a company that meets Propertymark’s company obligations are able to display the logo. This way we limit any uncertainties consumers may have surrounding the protection afforded to them by NAEA Propertymark Protected estate agents.

The logo members must use is the NAEA Propertymark Protected logo. You can get this logo right away by logging onto the online shop. If you have never previously logged in or do not know your password email

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We Need your Help

If you are entitled to advertise, please ensure you have a window sticker in your office and get the logo on your website. Our advertising is designed to ensure that your clients understand why you, as a Propertymark agent, provide a better option than the alternative. We drive consumers to find you, the question is, will they see the all important logo in your (online and offline) shop window?

In addition, it’s just as important to make sure that you and your colleagues know what is meant by “Propertymark Protected” and what that offers consumers.

What are we Doing?

Having launched Propertymark we are now in phase two. Working with leading specialists in advertising and media buying we have developed an advertising campaign designed to target groups who are in, or are about to be in the market for a new home.

This campaign has been employed across a variety of channels to educate audiences about the issues that they can and should avoid to ensure higher standards. It tackles the elephant in the room: sales and letting agents are not universally loved and trusted as a profession, and highlights the dangers of using rogue agents.

Shelley Brown

Shelley Brown
Membership Manager

"It is so important that members talk to their customers about Propertymark and about the consumer protection they are able to offer. The united efforts of Propertymark and all of our members makes a huge difference.

"If you are not currently entitled to display the logo, please remember you are just as important to Propertymark and we continue to support you with information and events designed to boost your professional skills and status. We also encourage you to discuss your personal membership with customers to demonstrate your own professionalism and commitment to best practice. Tell prospective clients that membership is not compulsory and that you have chosen to abide by Conduct and Membership rules and the Code of Practice to ensure you are always offering the best possible advice and service."

Remember to visit the online shop and order these marketing materials to promote your membership.

Why use an NAEA Propertymark Protected letting agent?

Why use a NAEA Propertymark Protected agent?

Client Money Protection (CMP)

Client Money Protection