Online Legionella Awareness


Level: Foundation 
CPD: 45 minutes

Course Cost 
Members: £25 +VAT 
Non-members: £28 +VAT

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Online Course

Employees need to know how to work safely and without risks to health. By law they must be provided with clear instructions, information and adequate training.

This Legionella Awareness course is designed to help employers, workers and duty holders, such as landlords, understand the severity of legionella so that they can determine their responsibilities, identify the risks and ensure appropriate control measures are put in place.

The Legionella Awareness course provides comprehensive information on the means of control of Legionella Bacteria and the subsequent Legionnaires Disease. It is ideal for anyone with little or no knowledge of the subject. On completion participants will understand what is required of them as a Duty Holder and be in a position to decide whether Legionella risk assessments will be conducted by their own organisation or by a third party Specialist Company. People who manage rental properties, such as letting agents, estate agents and landlords, must also show that they are aware of the risks of legionella. This includes people who rent out property for business or residential purposes.

The course outlines legal responsibilities, details some of the symptoms of legionnaires’ disease, where it can be found, how it is measured and the requirements of the law for Duty Holders.


  • When did it become known to the World and what is it?
  • What risks does it present and who is at risk?
  • What are the symptoms and how does it spread?
  • How is it’s presence measured and what do the measured results mean?
  • Where is it found?
  • What is the Law regarding Legionella?
  • The risk assessment overview
  • Simple control measures you must do
  • What the tenant needs to know


The course includes a short assessment at the end and is marked as pass, credit or distinction depending on the number of attempts it takes the learner to provide the correct answers.