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10 December 2018

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10 December 2018

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07 December 2018

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Agents beware: Rightmove login scam

Monday 26 November 2018

Agents are being warned to stay alert after a number of Rightmove users reported being sent links to a fake Rightmove Plus login page.

The fraudulent email came in the form of a fake sales lead, that directs agents to a bogus version of Rightmove's portal log-in page. Believed to be a phishing site, the web page attempts to trick users into divulging login details, passwords and other sensitive information.

Rightmove circulated a warning email this morning, urging users to change their passwords if they use the same one to log in to both Rightmove Plus as well as their email address or other sites, and to remain on the lookout for anything suspicious.

The alert states: “we're aware of some agents who have been sent a link to a fake login page, after they followed up on a lead they received from Rightmove. We’ve had this page taken down and have blocked the sender from sending any leads through Rightmove but we want to make sure you continue to be extra vigilant as there may be further attempts.”

What do you need to look out for?

Firstly, make sure to take note of the senders name and the address the emails are coming from. According to Rightmove, these scam leads are being sent from which is not a genuine Rightmove email address - Rightmove leads are always sent from - and whilst they may look similar, there are noticeable differences.

And it's the same with embedded links. Links within the scam email direct users to however the genuine Rightmove log-in page has the URL You can check that a link is genuine by hovering your mouse over it, and always be wary of links containing any suspicious characters or extra text that looks unusual.

If you think you have received this email, Rightmove are advising that you:

  • do not click on any of the links;
  • delete the email immediately;
  • notify your colleagues and make them aware of the possible danger;
  • never give your password to others;
  • run a virus scan from a reputable supplier as recommended by your IT department or supplier;
  • update you browsers, PDF viewers, email clients and other applications with relevant security updates;
  • ensure the latest Operating System updates are installed.

How to spot a fraudulent email

  • Hover your mouse over any links. If the link address looks strange, don’t click on it. Fraudulent sites and links may have long addresses or special characters such as &,%,$,£.
  • Don’t open attachments unless the email comes from a trusted source.
  • Avoid requests that sound vague, unlikely or too casual, such as ‘our database has been corrupted, please resend your details’, or ‘recent legislation means we require this information’.
  • Beware of urgent or threatening language in the subject line. Invoking a sense of urgency or fear is a common phishing tactic. Beware of subject lines that claim your “account has been suspended” or your account had an “unauthorised login attempt”

If you think you have received this email, or have any questions, please contact Rightmove at or call their Customer Services team on 01908 712300.