NHBC supporting estate agents

Thursday 05 November 2015

NHBC has been attending our regional conferences to discuss the difficulties builders sales staff and estate agents have when questioned about NHBC and their new home warranty.

Research found that sales staff sometimes struggle to explain the detail; resulting in misinformed homeowners, possible lack of sales, as well as misleading website copy.  

When interviewing new build homeowners or new home seekers, 47% of people expected to hear about NHBC from estate agents, however over 25% of people question said they were informed from estate agents, so there is a big gap in knowledge and communication.

With this research in mind, NHBC has worked with closely with Marketing and Sales Directors of their registered builders to create a promotional toolkit aimed to help you feel more informed when talking about the detail of their warranty and insurance product so you can talk confidently to potential new build home owners.

The promotional toolkit includes:

  • A suite of short training videos, followed by a short test.
  • Printed documents for potential home owners.
  • Information for your website.
  • Copy about NHBC warranty.
  • NHBC brand guidelines.
  • A short video aimed at homeowners, with introductory information about NHBC.

The training videos offer a short introduction to NHBC and include:

 Being registered with NHBC

  • What it means to be registered with NHBC from the perspective of builders.
  • The benefits of registration, how it helps to sell homes.
  • The benefits to the customer of buying a new home with NHBC warranty and insurance.

The Partnership

  • How NHBC independently inspects new homes at key stages throughout the build.
  • Working with NHBC registered builders to ensure that they build to NHBC standards.
  • Includes detailed information around each key stage.


  • A simple yet informative introduction to Buildmark.
  • Detail around the warranty and insurance product, and what it covers.
  • Benefits of buying a new home.
  • Through the eyes of new homeowners this module looks at the benefits to them of buying a new home.

Beyond the build

  • Looking at all of the other benefits that NHBC provides for their registered builders.
  • Demonstrating how the partnership goes ‘beyond the build’, and how this is passed on to the homeowner.

Click here for more information and to view the training videos.