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The 2019 NAEA Propertymark National Conference – eye opening and inspirational

15 February 2019

A fantastic event, filled with insight, inspiration, and some rather questionable hats, thanks to one of our animated keynote speakers. Among the informative statistics, eye-opening case studies and weirdly wonderful anecdotes, there was a serious message around anti-money laundering and cartels behaviour, but ultimately the programme was aimed at inspiring everyone to be the best they can be. Read More...

New promotional items for valuation visits

14 February 2019

If you've not logged into the online shop in a while, now is the time. We've got a whole host of products designed to help you, including some new ones. Read More...


Brits have gone mad for gardening

Wednesday 26 April 2017

William Blake wrote about it, the WI made it their anthem and it appears us Brits are still in love with England’s green and pleasant land – and would happily pay a whopping £35,000 for our very own slice of it.

A new survey by garden fence and railing specialists – Colourfence – has revealed that we just can’t get enough of our gardens. Interviewing 2,000 men and women up and down the country has revealed that us gardening mad Brits would be prepared to pay an average of £35,000 on top of a property value if it had a garden or outdoor space.

City dwelling Londoners hanker for their own outside greenery and are prepared to pay the most for it – an average of £82,700 on top of a property value, followed by those living in the east of England who would hand over £49,600 of their hard-earned cash. With beautiful valleys on their doorstep, the Welsh are least concerned about their own outdoor space and are only willing to part with £13,200.

The survey also found that whilst one in four of us love our gardens to socialise with friends, we are a nation of self-sufficient foodies too. Over one in 10 of us use our gardens to grow our own food, with people from the East Midlands, Yorkshire and Humber and the East of England most likely to be found amongst the vegetable patch.

Just under one in five of us like to flex our green fingers and garden as a hobby. The East Midlands are gardening mad and spend on average 4.7 hours a week tending to their rose bushes, closely followed by the East of England, spending 4.5 hours and Londoners spending 4.2 hours to take care of their marigolds. Those living in Northern Ireland are least bothered about the state of their hydrangeas, reporting that they spend only an average of one hour per week tending to their gardens.

So in love with our gardens, it appears we’d rather have one over a spare bedroom too, with well over half (62%) of people revealing they’d rather have the additional outdoor than indoor space.

Graham Bowers from Colourfence says:

"It’s no secret the British are mad about their gardens and gardening but just how much our obsession with having our own slice of it is worth to us hasn’t been revealed until now. No matter where you live, we can all agree that our gardens give us lots of pleasure whether that’s giving your child or pet the space to run around, living the ‘good life’ or eating al fresco with friends."

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