Monday 09 May 2016

Continuing professional development (CPD) is essential to NAEA membership. NAEA members have to meet high standards to join and it's a requirement of membership that you continue to learn and develop your professional skills - this is what makes you stand out from your competitors.

All members are now required as a condition of membership to complete at least 12 hours of CPD each year. CPD ensures that members offer the standard of service that vendors expect from the NAEA logo while members of two NFOPP divisions eg NAEA and ARLA need to complete the required hours of CPD for their level of membership for each division.

Of the 12 hours, at least 4 hours need to be earned though attendance at education events while up to eight hours can be accrued through relevant private study.

If you are studying for a nationally recognised qualification such as the Technical Award or Certificate in the Sale of Residential Property this can count for the full 12 hours although the hours still need to be logged via the members’ portal.

Learning should be specific to an individual’s needs and preferably form part of the planning and appraisal process, but any event or content which significantly develops a members’ professional competence will count towards CPD.

Collating evidence simply means maintaining a record of formal and informal ways in which you have increased your knowledge, skills and ability but logging development regularly is essential in allowing you to reflect on the outcomes. At the latest, records for the previous year need to be updated by 31 January of the current year.

A varied breadth of learning sources benefits most members but examples include:


  • A course of study leading to a recognised qualification eg NFoPP Technical awards
  • In house or external training courses or seminars
  • Attending a conference gaining information and making industry contacts
  • Sections of regional meetings with relevant talks leading to a learning outcome


  • Tangible learning gained from study packs, books and journals (including Property Professional magazine)
  • Taking part in working parties of professional events which provide opportunities for research or other self-development

There are numerous ways to ensure that you are keeping up to date with best practice from business based events to researching a specific topic to deal with an unfamiliar situation through to agency specific formal training - it’s all part of acknowledging the ongoing need to develop and provide better services by taking on board new perspectives, skills and experience.

Members’ CPD should be recorded online via the NAEA Members' area 

Update your CPD for the first 4 months of the year now and if you need guidance contact the Membership department.