Ring NAEA LAWLINE when you need advice

Friday 15 May 2015

David Lester, Senior Partner & Head of the Commercial Team at Blythe Liggins explains the breadth of legal enquiries being dealt with by the NAEA LAWLINE.

NAEA members ring LAWLINE with enquiries on employment law and agency terms of business but the breadth of enquiries in relation to property sales is much wider than that. LAWLINE is a service provided to members as part of their membership package, there is no additional fee.

Members commonly have questions on dual commission entitlement and getting advice on their position in disputes over whether a former agency has a claim to a sales fee, along with a range of queries on multiple agency agreements.

Recent media coverage has led to numerous enquiries on implementation of guidance around advertising fees and expressing VAT. Members have real concerns both about Anti Money Laundering and Data Protection, often trying to establish the correct course of action to take when third parties - including the Police - request data.

What should be disclosed (and what isn’t necessary) in order to comply with Consumer Protection Regulations (CPR) is a common concern although the member discussions which Mark Hayward led at NAEA regional gatherings throughout 2014 has increased awareness of the principles that should be considered.

The NFOPP Regulation team - frequently the first point of contact - believe that members often know the answer to their query from articles, training, networking conversations and experience but need confirmation and reassurance.

NAEA LAWLINE expertise reaches beyond the obvious so if you have queries about copyright for images, deposits on new builds or any other area related to sales agency grab your membership number and ring:

LAWLINE England and Wales on 01926 338882

LAWLINE Scotland* 01413 329988


*LAWLINE services in Scotland are provided by MacRoberts Solicitors