Friday 20 March 2015

CPD will need to be top of the list of priorities for NAEA members in 2015. It is now compulsory for all those in NAEA – previously only licensed members and those who joined after 1 January 1998 were required to complete it.

It is very easy to complete, association members are required to undertake at least 12 hours' CPD activity per year, with a minimum of four hours obtained through attending relevant educational events, and up to eight hours by relevant private study (except for those studying for an applicable NFoPP Awarding Body qualification).

Evidence of at least 12 hours’ CPD must be provided annually for membership to continue.
Any event which significantly develops a member’s professional competence will count as a ‘relevant educational event’.

Members should record their CPD online via the Members section of the NAEA website at www.naea.co.uk. This is then transferred to membership records.

Most professionals are required to undertake CPD as consumers have a right to expect the highest standards of competence from their professional agents and advisors.

  • CPD enables you to keep up to date with changing working practices and legislation.

  • CPD can identify if additional knowledge or skills are required, and should help to improve business performance.

  • CPD can help your career prospects.

  • CPD will broaden and develop your professional knowledge and skills and therefore your effectiveness in your job.

  • CPD helps you to cope with and manage change more effectively, by keeping you up-to-date with changes in legislation or trends which are likely to affect your business in the future.