Financial help for owners affected by HS2

Wednesday 01 June 2016

On 26 May 2016 the Department for Transport announced that it has extended its compensation and assistance measures for eligible persons living near the HS2 route between the West Midlands and Crewe, known as the phase 2a route.

The measures also include the ability for owner-occupiers living in areas at any distance from the line of route to apply to the need to sell scheme. Under this scheme if they can demonstrate a compelling reason to sell their house, but are unable to do so other than at a reduced price because of HS2 the government will pay the full, unblighted value for these properties.

Additionally schemes are in place to support rural areas where the line runs on the surface. These are called rural support zones and home owners will have the choice of either a cash offer or voluntary purchase of the property. Home owner payments are also available.

There are also changes to the valuation process. Previously vendors needed to use a surveyor from an approved list, but now they can use any RICS agent.

The measures are explained in more detail on

This document which sets out the Government’s plan in more detail can be read here.

We will continue to update members with further news about HS2 as soon as we receive it.