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Wednesday 27 July 2016

Robin Jessop Ltd is a family-run Chartered Surveyor, Property Auctioneer, Valuer, Land and Estate Agent with offices in the picturesque North Yorkshire town of Bedale and nearby Leyburn and prides itself on its professionalism, customer service and the quality of information it provides to its clients.

Clients of Robin Jessop Ltd praise the company’s high standards in customer service, high quality property and auction brochures and detailed colour photographs, which help to enhance the experience for both buyers and sellers.


While the Agency’s print systems have been managed smoothly for many years by local business solutions provider, Technocopy, who are based in near-by Darlington, Robin Jessop Ltd used a different company for IT support including their PCs and network server. However this seemed to cause more problems than had been solved.

Sarah Jessop, Bedale’s Property Manager explained: “As a small business, in a dramatically changing market, it’s vital that we move with the times but our systems have to be efficient and seamless so our customers are not negatively affected. However, it was felt that the level of service and expert advice we were receiving from our current IT provider wasn’t giving us the value we expected or required.

"IT is a bit of ‘Black Hole’ and we need our suppliers to be pro-active and handle any issues raised in a timely manner so that our employees have the appropriate resources available to deliver the highest customer service – but this wasn’t happening. Basically, we felt our IT systems weren’t having the positive impact we had wished for.”


So, Sarah contacted Paul Jackson, Robin Jessop Ltd’s Account Manager at Technocopy to discuss the in-house print systems. She soon discovered that not only was Technocopy able to provide an enhanced printing solution in Bedale and Leyburn by upgrading the current equipment, but they were able to offer a fully managed IT service which started with a non-intrusive audit of the existing IT systems in place and user requirements assessment.

The results were very positive and identified areas where costs could be saved by cancelling services that were no longer utilised, along with proposed performance improvements by upgrading parts of the IT infrastructure at the same time as upgrading their print solution.

Paul Jackson of Technocopy said: “We risk assess every opportunity so that the systems can be managed properly by ourselves and the client together. Our Remote Monitoring System proactively creates tickets & tasks for our Help Desk staff to investigate and resolve issues as they occur and sometimes before they occur. Our clients’ photocopiers now work on a similar principle, sending us alerts to let us know there’s a potential maintenance issue, or even to place orders for replacement toners. This gives our customers the space they need to get on with their day, while we work behind the scenes to ensure they are not inconvenienced.”

Technocopy has been able to link Robin Jessop Ltd’s two branches so that its staff could print and scan documents and photos to both colour multi-functional devices, the Olivetti d-Color MF282PLUS and d-Color MF222 no matter which office they are working from. Staff can now work on the PCs in Leyburn, as if they were sat in the Bedale office, easily accessing important documents, house particulars and the company’s diary system, held at the other branch.

Sarah explained further. “It’s important to have a strong, solid working relationship with one supplier whose products and services are excellent and whose advice we trust. It’s exactly the same with how we like to treat our own customers and how we work with the industry associations such as NAEA and NAVA.”

"The Agency became involved with these associations four years ago when they attended a NAVA seminar. Attending regular local events made the agency realise that there was so much to learn about industry legislation, current affairs and the housing market. NAEA and NAVA have been able to help Robin Jessop Ltd by providing genuinely helpful advice and, in particular, NAEA has been instrumental in helping agents like Robin Jessop Ltd to deal with a new threat to high street agents, in the form of online agents, by providing facts and details about how online agents operate."

What makes the partnership between Robin Jessop Ltd and Technocopy even stronger is their close links with NAEA. Robin Jessop Ltd use Olivetti multi-functional printer-scanners and Olivetti is one of NAEA's member benefit providers giving members access to the very best products, prices and support for their in-house copiers and printers through a select number of dedicated dealers, known as Best for Colour dealers. Only Olivetti Best for Colour Dealers are authorised to work with NAEA's members and Technocopy is Olivetti’s Best for Colour Dealer and official representative in the area.

Sarah summed up the strength of the partnership; “Technocopy have restored our faith in working with an IT provider that has our best interests in mind. Good back-up is a vital part of the business. We did not have this before to the extent Technocopy now provide. We can now concentrate our efforts on supporting our clients in a more efficient way, knowing the systems are taken care of”.

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