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Couple arrested in money laundering crackdown

24 September 2018

The National Crime Agency (NCA) arrested a ‘Politically Exposed Person’ from Pakistan and his wife last week, following allegations of money laundering corruption. Read More...

Trailblazing Our Way into The Future of Property

Friday 16 December 2016

After almost a year in the making, significant progress has been made with the Junior Estate Agent / Auctioneer Trailblazer apprenticeship standard.

The standard details the knowledge, skills and behaviours that the profession would expect a 16-18 year old newcomer to the industry to attain at the end of the one-year apprenticeship programme. This has been approved in principle by the Department of Further Education as part of the Apprenticeship Standards and is currently waiting for to be signed off by the Minister.

The Government have decided on an employer led scheme, starting at Level 2 which is aimed at 16-18 year olds. The scheme however is suitable for anyone who is new to the property industry or just starting out.

Taking a holistic approach, there are three planned forms of assessment –

  • Testing and coaching (including ongoing analysis and an examination)
  • Production of a summative portfolio
  • An interview to ensure the learner has met the scheme requirements (this will be undertaken by a member of the Awarding Body, the training provider and employer)

Trailblazer programmes are about creating trained individuals with the workplace skills and knowledge that are relevant to the industry. They come with a number of benefits, such as workplace coaching, industry-validation and a more complete approach to development.

They are a new style of apprenticeship, designed to meet the changing needs of employers, learners and providers.