Auto-enrolment the easy way

Friday 21 August 2015

It's not without good reason that the ARLA/NAEA Master Trust is proving to be a hit with our members. It really is Auto-enrolment the easy way, as Rebecca Ducker from Chris Cubley & Co explains.

Rebecca said: "I have found the ARLA/NAEA Master Trust incredibly easy to implement.  Nathan Clarkson has been very helpful with the initial setup of the scheme.  All necessary letters were produced from the AE-Portal website with ease.  I have been very impressed with the service so far.

"This is my favourite scheme. It's very straight forward and I always get an answer from a person who knows the scheme very well and also speaks in plain understandable language.

"I hope that we continue to have a long and successful business relationship."

Nathan Clarkson from Goddard Perry who developed Master Trust explains how they were able to help Chris Clubley & Co:

"Chris Clubley & Co correctly took measures in advance of their staging date to ensure they could comply with the new Auto enrolment (AE) rules, including reviewing their payroll capability.

"They were in the unfortunate position of having to change payroll software as the existing software did not have the flexibility to change pay before it was run, which is vital for AE as some employees will need to be added to the pension. This time sensitive nature of AE is often the biggest challenge to employers and compliance with AE laws. It is very unusual that payroll does not have this level of flexibility but it highlights the need to ensure payroll systems can cope with the new laws, irrespective of the pension chosen.

"Chris Clubley & Co therefore changed payroll and once this had been done, establishing the records in the NAEA & ARLA Master Trust AE compliance software was very quick and it was commented that the process seemed 'too simple for the new rules'. This process includes:

  • Confirmation that the payroll was compliant for the current pay day
  • Regulatory letters were issued by email where available or available by immediate PDF download where not available
  • Pension information and 'opt out' rights being issued where necessary
  • A pension report for the administrator that does not require amendment.

"Whilst the new laws are complex, Chris Clubley & Co's experience highlights they can be managed very easily if preparation before staging is given the attention it needs. The NAEA & ARLA Master Trust has purpose built compliance software at no charge, which will ensure your company can comply with the new rules, quickly and simply, with minimal time spent each pay period."

About Master Trust

Master Trust is a bespoke, one-stop shop auto-enrolment service for our members, designed to make the process as easy as possible in what is a complex area of employer pension administration. Other benefits of using the scheme are:

  • Guaranteed acceptance
  • Simple documentation
  • Corporate trustee compliance and governance
  • A 'one stop shop' solution
  • Online staff AE Assessment tool
  • No charges to members other than the competitive Annual Management Charge (AMC) of 0.65% per annum.

To register with the Master Trust click here, email, or call 020 8603 3700. 

For companies that have completed registration for the Master Trust, there will be a number of educational bulletins issued automatically during the six months up to staging. These bulletins will focus on ensuring that the company has considered the right things in advance, it is not a recommendation to start planning six months in advance.