Labour consultation on housing policy

Friday 08 April 2016

You have until 8 June to make your views about housing policy known to the Labour party. Ideas and solutions will then be discussed a the National Policy Forum in the summer.

Labour's consultation revolves around the key question - 'How can we increase the number of affordable homes to rent and buy?' 

In the prelude to the consultation on housing policy, the Labour party criticise the Conservatives saying that "The Tories’ record on housing...was one of five years of failure, with rapidly rising rents, more homelessness, higher housing benefit spending and fewer homes built than in any peacetime period since the 1920s" and that they would tackle the housing crisis by "getting to grips with the issues that hold back the building of affordable homes including; the skills shortage, lack of finance, and concerns around local planning".

They say that there are over 200,000 fewer homeowners since 2010, with young people hit hardest of all and accuse the Tories' of having broken their promise to replace homes one-for-one through the Right to Buy, only replacing one for every eight sold.

Questions in the consultation document include:

  • How can we help more young people and families on ordinary incomes buy a home?
  • What role is there for shared ownership or discounted homes to buy?
  • What measures could support young people in particular to find an affordable home to buy?

Go to to respond by 8 June 2016.