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Chapps stands for “Checking Apps". We specialise in creating apps for the property management industry. We built a platform of unique and professional apps, which can effectively keep track of your maintenance data, as well as organise your inspections and inspectors.

Be it a Rental Inspector App for your check-ups, move-in/outs, inventory checks and mid-term inspections. A Building Inspector App specifically created for your block management, this tool allows you to perform building inspections, safety inspections and of course handle maintenance issues! Last but not least we have a Dorm Inspector App, an app specifically created for the student accommodation industry.

Chapps was created after recognising the industry's dissatisfaction with existing inspection solutions. We noticed property managers reverting back to pen and paper because they couldn’t find a solution that really works, that’s where we stepped in. All our Apps are available on smartphones and tablets on both Android and iOS operating systems.

Discover and explore the Chapps Inspection Apps today and receive a 20% discount as an NAEA Propertymark member! From now on work smart, fast and accurately.

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