Fellow Grade


Designatory letters: FNAEA (Comm)
Annual CPD requirement: 12 hours

Annual subscription: £230.00
One-off application fee: £50.00
Application fee non-refundable, please meet the entry requirements before applying


NAEA Commercial Fellows are highly qualified and experienced agents. To join at the Fellow grade you must be working as a business transfer agent, have at least five years’ experience in the property industry and have also achieved a level 4 qualification.

Both Employees business owners can become Fellows, however business owners have extra obligations to adhere to.

Entry Requirements

  • Must be working as a business transfer agent
  • Must have a minimum of five years’ experience as a business transfer agent
  • Must hold a higher level qualification that is accepted by Propertymark

Use of the Logo

Principals, Partners and Directors that meet our membership requirements and company obligations may use the NAEA Commercial logo throughout a company and in all branches. For example on websites and company documentation. However, employee members can’t use the logo to advertise their membership.



Student members are granted this membership for two years whilst working towards a qualification, they do not have to be working in the industry. Business owners are not eligible for this grade.

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Associate ANAEA (Comm)

Associate members have to be working in the industry and have over 5 years of industry experience. A qualification is not required to join at this grade - PPDs have different entry requirements.

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Member MNAEA (Comm)

To join at the Member grade you must be actively working as an estate agent and must be qualified to at least Level 3 standard (Level 6 for Scotland) - business owners have different entry requirements.

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NAEA Commercial Logo

NAEA Commercial is a sub division of NAEA Propertymark for commercial and business transfer agents. More info...